‘Bundok Society’ stages 2014 reunion in Las Vegas October 19-21

14 pictures (rotates every 5 seconds) from the 2013 Reunion in Winchester, CA last September 28, 2013.

Past Events . . .

Art & Esmyrna Jorge in Palmdale

Art & Esmyrna Jorge in Palmdale

June 17, 2009: Art and Esmyrna Jorge played host to Norma and Julius Willis  in Palmdale, CA where the Jorges now live. Esmyrna is an officer of the  Antelope Valley Transportation Authority and Art runs a real estate  business.

Andrea Cabiles in Portland, OR

Norma & Andrea In Portland

April 14, 2009: Norma reunites with Priscilla Andrea Cabiles in Portland, OR where Andrea resides and works as a nurse.

PIN-UP 2008

Our money’s on Celia Tomlinson (left) for pin-up girl of the year! Who’s that with her? It’s her sis Atty. Ruby Ruiz-Bruno.

Click the pic or click here for a closer view.

Celia In Swimsuit


Esmyrna Jorge’s email after her Philippines trip:

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We’ve found a few of our classmates - still more to be located. Can you help? Check the list.


Remember her? She’s in Florida and has sent some pictures from the old school days. There’s also a picture of her family. See them.


We’re adding stories of Bundok Society members - send yours now to Norma.



Happenings from a while ago . . .


Las Vegas Reunion 2011 Attendees

Class 1958 joined a reunion sponsored by Class 1971 in Las Vegas, NV,  Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011. Picture shows attendees at the Summerlin home  of Ted and Gloria Pabalan: Fred and Lorna Antonio, Norma and Julius  Willis, Gloria and Ted Pabalan, and Esmyrna and Art Jorge.

Lourdes Sison-Wong hosts Bundok Society’s 2013

Reunion 2013 at her Winchester, CA home

Makati Elementary School (MES) class 1954 alumni met at the home of classmate  Lourdes Sison-Wong in Winchester, CA Saturday, September 28, 2013 to  celebrate their 59th class anniversary.

This year’s reunion was a Hawaiian Luau-themed event. All class members and  their guests were dressed for the occasion wearing their best Hawaiian  outfit.

The Class of 1954 meets once a year to celebrate their graduation and to  renew old friendships. This year’s get-together was a huge event  considering the number of alumni and their guests who attended.  Attendees included: Jean Gloria Malig, Gloria Antonio Pabalan, Celia Ruiz Tomlinson, Lourdes  Sison Wong, Esmyrna Agustin Jorge, Norma Quintos Willis, Ted Pabalan,  Donald Wong, Art Jorge, Bruce Harder, Rodolfo Fabregas, Mila Bao, Waldo  Bao, Antonio Sundiang, and Monette Macasieb Williams.

 Visit the Photo Gallery to view pictures of the event.


Makati Reunion - 2008

It has happened! We’ve made our 2008 Homecoming Reunion to our old haunts in Makati come true. Check it out in the Photo Gallery.


Updates! 2008 Grand Reunion!
Read the latest UPDATES and REPORTS
from Esmyrna, Sal, and other organizers.

Check the Reports page.


June 30, 2007

San Pedro/San Pablo Makati Fiesta

Art & Esmyrna (Agustin) Jorge residence

62 Castletree, Las Palmas, CA 92688


Esmyrna Agustin-Jorge, Alfredo Antonio, Gloria Antonio-Pabalan, Lucila Aprecio, Lorna Camacho-Pacis, Rodolfo Fabregas, Christian Gloria, Jean  Gloria-Malig, Ruth Kendall, Salvador Mallorca, Marietta Norona, Celia  Ruiz Tomlinson, Antonio Sundiang, and Norma Quintos Willis.


Aida Buenaventura, Rosalinda Quintos-Tabing, and Norma Vecta.


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2008 - Makati Reunion

At the 2008  Reunion, from left: Rodrigo Sultan, Buddy Mallorca, Rita Dumandan  Evangelio, Nester Perez Ansey, Zenaida Lugay Manlungat, and Marietta  Reyes Trinidad. More in the Photo Gallery.

2008 Pre-Reunion Lunch

Reunion  organizers held a pre-reunion lunch meeting at the NorthPark Restaurant  in Makati on June 27, 2008. From left: Norma Vecta Manjoorsa, Sal  Mallorca, Lorna Camacho Pacis, Norma Q. Willis, Esmyrna Jorge, and Art  Jorge. More in the Photo Gallery.


Photo Gallery - Check out the gallery for pictures and picture slide shows featuring recent  events, including the June 2007 reunion at the Las Flores, CA home of  Esmyrna Jorge (nee Agustin)



Classmate Gloria Pabalan

hosts 3-day fun fest

Makati Elementary School’s Bundok Society (an association of school alumni)  successfully staged its 2014 reunion in Las Vegas, NV October 19-21.

Classmate Gloria Antonio-Pabalan and her husband Ted graciously hosted this year’s event at their beautiful, spacious Summerlin home.


Attendees in their reunion T-shirts!

The get-together started with dinner and partying at the Pabalan home on Sunday,  October 19 that ended at 2:00 AM. Classmates enjoyed the sumptuous cuisine and engaged in a night of story-telling and karaoke singing, with displays by Norma Willis, Buddy Salvador, Waldo Bao, Jimmy San Mateo, Ted Pabalan, and Don Wong.

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Lourdes Sison-Wong’s Pictures:

Pics 1 | Pics 2| Pics 3 | Pics 4 | Pics 5

Rotatig pics show the 13 attendees as they appeared at Gloria Pabalan’s home.

On Monday, October 20, the classmates met at 1:00 PM for buffet lunch at  the Rio Hotel - feasting until 3:00 PM. After a brief rest, the  classmates met again for shows at the Flamingo where they saw Love Beatles and Cirque du Soleil. After the shows, they snacked at the food court and then went to classmate  Gloria’s Flamingo Hotel hospitality suite where they had drinks and  discussed Bundok matters.

On Tuesday, October 21, the classmates met for lunch at Las Vegas’  Chinatown. After lunch, they took in a little afternoon rest, and then  met to watch the Jersey Boys show at the Paris Hotel.  Following the  Jersey Boys show, the classmates took the 550-foot tall “High Roller”  ride - billed as the world’s largest “observation wheel” - and had the  thrill of their lives. The classmates spent the rest of the night saying their goodbyes and preparing for the trip back home the following day.

Except for host Gloria Pabalan, attendees came to Las Vegas from Chicago,  Seattle, and various parts of California. They were Celia Tomlinson and  husband Bruce Harder, Lourdes Sison and husband Don Wong, Waldo Bao and  wife Mila, Jaime San Mateo and wife Aida, Esmyrna Agustin and husband  Art Jorge, Antonio Sundiang, Salvador Mallorca, Rodolfo Fabregas, Lucy  Aprecio, Andrea Cabiles, Norma Vecta, and Norma Q. Willis.

2014 Reunion Attendees

Bundok 2014 Reunion Attendees

More at the Photo Gallery

See pictures of our successful June 28, 2008 Homecoming Reunion in Makati.




Bundok Society of Makati

Bundok Society of Makati